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The Colorado Rockies visit the Crab House at Pier 39.

The Colorado Rockies visit the Crab House at Pier 39. Click here to watch at Vimeo.

KQED - "Check, Please!"
Valette, Eatsa, Osso (#1110H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG
Two brothers work together to execute a quintessential wine country eatery at Valette in Healdsburg. In stark contrast, a fully-automated spot with fresh and healthy vegetarian bowls, delivered via a high-tech cubby, at eatsa in San Francisco. And finally, a place for steak, substantial sides and an amazing wine list at Osso Steakhouse in San Francisco.


THRILLIST - "The Best Steakhouses In San Francisco"

Not all SF steakhouses have been around for 20-plus years. Perched high atop Nob Hill, Osso Steakhouse is a new steakhouse with an old feel. The Art Deco space serves up giant cuts of quality beef (aged 21 days) that they claim is "the best steak you’ve ever tasted." Add crab to your filet or ribeye for a take on surf and turf, or just go for a whole crab to share with the table. Bigger really is better here: you can find one of the largest ribeyes in the city, clocking in at a whopping 40oz.

SF EATER - "Where to Eat on Christmas Day in San Francisco"

Enjoy the Art Deco ambiance at Osso Steakhouse while indulging in a juicy steak or a crab feast for four. There's no special menu on Christmas Day, which is a good thing because that means Osso's famous skillet-roasted chorizo cheese bread will be offered. Good luck not eating the entire loaf. Hours: 5 to 10 p.m

SF EATER - "Eater Wire"

NOB HILL — Osso Steakhouse is employing the "bigger is better" mentality with a record-setting 40-ounce bone in rib-eye now on the menu, which is the biggest on offer in the city. And at just over a dollar an ounce, a pretty good deal. [EaterWire]

ZAGAT - "The 10 Best Things We Ate in SF in 2015"

With 2015 coming to a close, we’re taking a look back at some of the most memorable things we ate this year in San Francisco. From a squid and tripe salad to a candy cap mushroom–infused cocktail, here are 10 things we can’t stop thinking about.

Skillet-Roasted Chorizo Cheese Bread at Osso Steakhouse.

Osso's famous skillet-roasted chorizo cheese bread

Utter the words “cheese bread” in this town, and you’ll probably wind up with highbrow, cultured suggestions for dishes like goat cheese bread pudding or Brazilian pão de queijo. But sometimes all you want a good ol’ loaf of bread, smothered with gooey cheese, in the style of those twee photos that are dominating every Pinterest food board right now. Osso's cheese bread ($6.95) is just that: warm, pliable sourdough bread made in-house, bathed in a chorizo and cheddar cheese sauce. We challenge you to not eat the entire loaf.

The Daily Meal - "Osso Steakhouse Skillet Roasted Chorizo Bread"

The Osso Steakhouse Skillet-roasted chorizo cheese bread is a house-baked indulgent specialty everyone loves and nobody can resist. Warm, soft house-made sourdough kettle bread is served in a pool of cheesy, chorizo goodness topped with rosemary and garlic in the same cast-iron skillet it was cooked in. Knife and fork recommended. Additional cheese is sprinkled over the top for extra crunch. The dish is truly a favorite among patrons and a signature appetizer at both restaurants. For less than $6 this is a must-order to start-off your meal.


Chorizo Cheese Sauce

1 piece of chorizo broken up. Sauté for 5 minutes. Add 1 cup of ground tomato and 2 cups of heavy cream and
simmer for 20 minutes and let cool.

Chorizo Bread

Place 4 ounces chorizo sauce on skillet. Sprinkle 4 ounces of cheddar on top and roasted rosemary. Place prepped bread on top and bake for 5 min-place on board.

7X7 - "Foodie Agenda: Ringo Starr's Signature Cocktail"


The legendary Ringo Starr is coming to San Francisco on October 1 to perform at The Masonic Center, and Osso Steakhouse is honoring the music legend with an exclusive Ringo Starr Manhattan made using brandy—instead of bourbon—with sweet vermouth, Fernet-Branca, and topped off with a brandied cherry. The retro favorite is served up tableside in a classic Nick and Nora martini glass, a nod to the décor and era. Now all you need are tickets to the show.

You Gotta Eat This! - "#ThirstyThursday: Bourbon & Filet Mignon at Osso Steakhouse in San Francisco"

I love a good steak, but unfortunately I don’t get to enjoy it as much as I’d like because I’m a picky eater who craves more than a grilled chop and vintage wine. I love to be wowed when dining out, so you can imagine the amount of joy my heart felt when I learned that Osso Steakhouse in San Fran offers an “Ossogoodhattan” cocktail made with bourbon, sweet vermouth, and Fernet-Branca, topped with a boozy cherry, that is paired alongside their signature bone-in petit filet mignon.

OssogoodhattanThe Ossogoodhattan cocktail is an ode to San Francisco with a touch of Fernet-Branca (the city’s most popular liquor), shaken and poured table side for convenient self-serve refills. Following the tradition of classic mixed drinks, the “Ossogoodhattan” is elevated from the original rye whiskey recipe by substituting high-quality bourbon and a dash of herbal liqueur instead of bitters.

Ossogoodhattan recipe:

In a shaker with ice, add:

2 parts Bulleit Bourbon
1 part sweet vermouth
3 dashes Fernet Branca
Shake and strain into a chilled Nick and Nora Glass and garnish with a brandied cherry.

Enjoy the Ossogoodmanhattan with a juicy, USDA Prime medium-rare filet, which is seared in a hot iron skillet with a cube of organic butter for added flavor and searing on both sides for an optimal crust. Those who want an even more heightened mouthful of flavors should opt for a side of chorizo-spiced mac and cheese to compliment the beef and bourbon and complete the meal.

Bourbon, carbs and steak are always a good combo as long as you remember not to over-indulge and hit the gym for some intense cardio after! Cheers and buon appetito!

Address: 1177 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108
Open: 5p-10p

Socialite Heights - "#SpotlightSunday: Skillet Chorizo Cheese Bread at Osso Steakhouse and The Old Clam House"

The weekends are usually reserved for Belgian Waffles, fruit and other breakfast foods when it comes to brunch, but it doesn’t always have to be that way! Meals can still be indulgent without being sweet. Savory dishes are just as comforting and Osso Steakhouse and The Old Clam House in San Francisco has plenty of tasty items to try. Whether you have a taste for oysters on the half shell, salads and steaks, there is something for all appetites.

The Skillet-roasted chorizo cheese bread (pictured above) is a house-baked indulgent specialty everyone loves arsnd nobody can resist. Warm, soft house-made sourdough kettle bread is served in a pool of cheesy, chorizo goodness topped with rosemary and garlic in the same cast-iron skillet it was cooked in. Additional cheese is sprinkled over the top for extra crunch. The dish is a favorite among patrons craving filling bites and a signature appetizer at both restaurants for less than $6. Pair that with a local draft anchor steam lager and this instantly becomes a great starter to your meal.

Gayot - "A truly steak-forward restaurant in Nob Hill with a Deco-retro air"

Osso Steakhouse Restaurant Review: It may have opened atop Nob Hill in spring 2013, but Osso Steakhouse is a quiet blast from the past. Elegant booths, Art Deco etched glass and green accent lighting give the restaurant the feel of having been partially frozen in time and transplanted from old New York. Most of our menu was as straightforward as steakhouses get: Caesar salad and petite bone-in filet mignon, served with a default pan sauce rich with butter. Skillet-roasted chorizo cheese bread is an interesting starter: a half-wheel of bread sliced and served over a sea of melted cheese with chorizo flavoring. Caviar fans will appreciate Osso's appropriately detailed service, with an individual jar of Florida-farmed sturgeon roe presented on top of a dome of ice, with mother-of-pearl serving spoons and appropriate accoutrements. A mid-size wine list is heavy on California labels and a short selection of by-the-glass standards is complemented by house cocktails, as in a Manhattan updated with Fernet. Desserts drift slightly from the steakhouse format with distinct sorbet choices being a highlight, including a nice limoncello. Free valet parking is a huge plus in this part of the city.

Food Republic - "When Staying At Clift San Francisco, There’s Plenty To Eat And Drink"

Hungry Concierge, we travel the world to spot hotels that operate with their guests’ food and drink needs squarely in mind — hotels, both big and small, that are located in neighborhoods rich with bar and restaurant options. Because there’s nothing worse than having your trip derailed by crummy room service.

For my third trip to San Francisco in three months, I wanted to stay somewhere a little more interesting and, frankly, more fun than the typical brand-name corporate accommodations. Enter the artistic Clift Hotel, located in the heart of Union Square, a bustling downtown neighborhood known for its namesake park, mix of high-low retail, hotels and, of course, top-notch dining.

The Neighborhood: If you’re seeking a slightly more refined ambience, there’s Osso Steakhouse. Discreetly tucked away on the ground floor of a landmark residential building, the glamorous Art Deco– inspired restaurant is all about re-creating a classic steakhouse experience, with a bone-in filet mignon as its specialty chop.

Haute Living - "The Top 5 Father’s Day Dinner Spots in SF"

For an outstanding steak dinner that grandpa can enjoy with generations of his family, Osso Steakhouse is your best bet. The Nob Hill art deco gem is great for larger groups and on Sunday why not head out for a martini and filet mignon? There’s also oysters, caviar, crab fondue, and abalone, so you can really enjoy a luxurious and comforting meal in honor of dad.

Marina Times - "Bone-in filet mignon at Osso Steakhouse"

I t had been nearly a year since I checked out the carnivorous offerings at Osso, the stylish Art Deco-inspired steakhouse on Nob Hill. I was a huge fan of the bone-in filet mignon at Bobo’s when Jerry Dal Bozzo was part owner there, so I expected the quality of the steaks at Osso to rival Bobo’s when he sold his interest and opened his new place.

My first visit to Osso shortly after they opened proved the steaks not only rivaled those at Bobo’s, they were even better. And so, for my birthday dinner last month, I chose Osso as the destination (as an added perk, they offer free valet parking). Their signature steak, the bone-in filet mignon, which also happens to be my favorite, now comes in three sizes: petite (8 ounces, $39.95), big (16 ounces, $49.95), and gladiator (22 ounces, $69.95). I went for the big (it was my birthday, so I felt no guilt whatsoever). It arrived at the table sizzling in a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet, the aroma of garlic and rosemary wafting through the air. The caramelized crust was reminiscent of the bark on the very best brisket you can imagine; dark, crisp, and smoky, creating the perfect seal to keep all the juices inside the meat. The interior was a meltingly tender, evenly rosy medium rare.

Bone-in filet mignon is different than its boneless counterpart — the bone imparts immense flavor, and the texture is more like that of a rib eye, including the intense marbling. I thought I would be taking some steak home to share with my pit bull, Skylar, but I couldn’t stop (it was my birthday, though I did feel a twinge of guilt).

I didn’t think it was possible for the bone-in filet mignon at Osso to get any better, but it has. If you love steak, you have to head to Osso. In my opinion, it’s the best steak in town.

Restaurant Hospiltality - "Trendinista: 30 ways to toast the end of the 'Mad Men' era"

Ossogoodhattan cocktailFor the last eight years we’ve watched the ad men on Mad Men drink their way through Manhattan and beyond, but it’s all about to come to a crashing end. On April 5, AMC will begin airing the final seven episodes of this popular show, a nighttime soap opera that follows the denizens of a Madison Avenue advertising agency in the 1960s. The spot-on style of Mad Men has left its cultural imprint on a number of areas—fashion, the popularity of mid-century design and, of course, cocktails. Those ad men and their friends and relatives liked their cocktails and, true to the times, maintained well-stocked personal bars in their offices. Naturally the job demanded a lot of client wining and dining, along with plenty of hijinks.

Many restaurants and mixologists have piggybacked on the show’s influence by pouring their own versions of the cocktails preferred by Don Draper, Roger Sterling and Co. Maybe some of these twists on those classics will inspire your own own efforts to help guests celebrate the end of an era.

Ossogoodhattan, Osso Steakhouse, San Francisco

This cocktail, created by operations director Jim Wagner, contains bourbon, sweet vermouth, Fernet Branca and a house-made brandied cherry. “It’s ‘ossogood’ that Don Draper will want…several,” Wagner says. -- by Megan Rowe

Mike's Green Grass, Corks and Forks

"As you enter this restaurant, you are impressed by the elegant art deco design, open bar and large black swivel chairs with views of Grace Cathedral. The open kitchen has regal smells that enhance your appetite from their magical food creations.

The service staff are very knowledgeable and dressed in black tuxedos giving you that noble Nob Hill feeling. The wine and drink list is extensive and mirrored bar is a great place to have a drink and appetizer.

For dinner Linda and I ordered their dry aged petite filet mignon... The steak is then pan seared in its own juices with a hint of garlic and rosemary and then deglazed. This process sets Osso apart from other steakhouses producing a "Oh So Good" results. There are larger size steaks for the bigger appetites with or without the bone and also specials served with fresh crab.

I also had the asparagus soup of the day that was sensational. For sides we chose the twice baked potato and mushrooms that were royal compliments to our steaks. The deserts are also works of art and interesting choices. We shared the sorbet of the day dipped in white chocolate that was a fitting ending to a great foodie experience.

It is no wonder that this steakhouse has been rated in the top ten in the country. After dinner, you are just a short walk to see your favorite show at the Curran Theater or visiting famous Grace Cathedral perked proudly on Nob Hill."

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Featured on the Cooking With Ryan Scott Show Hosted by Susan Dyer Reynolds

The Guide - Dining at Osso Steakhouse


Zagat - Osso Steakhouse

Food & Beverage International - "Osso Steakhouse- Sophisticated San Francisco Dining"

"Osso Steakhouse has raised the bar for great steak dinners in San Francisco and is truly a destination restaurant. The Bone-In Dry Aged Steaks were just fabulous and the Crab and Caviar were spectacular!"

Click here for the full review

San Francisco Examiner - "Osso Steakhouse- Sophisticated San Francisco Dining"

It is always exciting to see a new sophisticated restaurant open in San Francisco especially a Steakhouse that features 4-6 week Dry Aged Prime Beef Bone-In (Osso) Steaks. Osso Steakhouse which recently opened on Nob Hill in Gramercy Towers has both an elegant Art Deco interior and a lovely view of Grace Cathedral and the California Street Cable Cars. The art is wonderful and the illuminated etched glass on the top of each booth is beautiful. There is a separate Bar Area with a lounge that has oversized chairs, exhibition kitchen, private dining room and the overall atmosphere is sophisticated but not stuffy.

We were seated in a comfortable booth and ordered Voss Sparkling Water while we looked over the menu and listened to light jazz. We enjoyed Signature Cocktails to start. They were shaken until icy tableside which was a nice touch. The Basil Martini made with Belvedere Vodka, fresh basil, lime and sugar and the Ginger Martini with made with Yazi Vodka, Canton ginger and cranberry were both quite refreshing.

We then ordered and enjoyed the Skillet Roasted Chorizo Cheese Bread which was fun and quite tasty. The Iron Skillet Roasted Shrimp was a delicious starter as the shrimp were extremely flavorful, nicely seasoned and somewhat decadent with lots of butter! We always like to try the soup and enjoyed their No Cream of Asparagus Soup. Our next course was the Baeril Siberian Sturgeon Caviar which was served with blinis, minced onion, chopped egg and creme fraiche. The presentation was beautiful. They have a variety of selections on the menu including a Caviar Trio. This was a fabulous luxury that sets Osso Steakhouse apart! We were told that some diners just come in for Caviar and Champagne which sounded like a good plan to us. We then had the fresh two pound whole Hot Dungeness Crab which we loved eating wearing our “bibs”. The crab was so fresh and luscious and the seasoning included fresh herbs and garlic which was amazing!

It was now time to see if Osso Steakhouse’s steaks lived up to their claim that they are the best you’ve ever tasted. We ordered the Dry Aged Big-Bone-In (Osso) Filet Mignon and the Dry Aged Bone-In New York. The steaks arrived rare as ordered in their natural juices with a hint of rosemary and garlic. The seasoning was fantastic, they were tender and juicy and the flavor was enhanced because they were Osso/Bone. These were as advertised.... the best steaks we had eaten in many years!

The Sides came in individual ramekins and were all fantastic! We loved the Twice Baked Potato with zucchini, chives, bacon and cheese, the fresh Creamed Corn, the Spinach with garlic and light cream and the delicate Sautéed Seaweed in soy-butter glaze. This was the perfect combination of sides for us and they also have a few additional ones to choose from.

The Wine List is well thought out and allows you to have something that fits both your palate and budget. We enjoyed wines by the glass including the Honig Napa Sauvignon Blanc and the Etude Carneros Pinot Gris which paired perfectly with our starters and Gary Farell Russian River Pinot Noir which paired perfectly with our steaks.

We were very impressed by the desserts as well. The Mango Panna Cotta was light and refreshing and the Anna Banana Kabob was sweet and warm. A Nespresso Espresso and Jaboulet Muscat de Baumes-Des-Venise French Dessert Wine were the perfect ending to our spectacular dining experience.

Osso Steakhouse has raised the bar for great steak dinners in San Francisco and is truly a destination restaurant. The Bone-In Dry Aged Steaks were just fabulous and the Crab and Caviar were spectacular! They are open nightly from 5PM-10PM and have Valet Parking which is always appreciated. We look forward to returning soon to enjoy the sophisticated Art Deco atmosphere for dinner or just cocktails and small plates.

Rundown | SF - "Bone Up: Giant Steaks and Gatsby-Era Class on Nob Hill"

Bobo's has enjoyed a long life near the top of our list of best steaks in SF.

Now there's a new contender from the same team who opened the Lombard Street mainstay: Osso Steakhouse, now serving bone-in deliciousness with a side of Gatsby era class on Nob Hill.

Opening your menu for the first time will make you feel like you're having Osso déjà vu. The steak, the crab, the sides: it's all there. But a closer inspection reveals that the bone-in filet you've come to know and love has been singled out as the restaurant's signature steak. And it has company.

Most notably the New York New York, a three-inch-thick, bone-in, so-big-it-barely-fits-on-your-plate cut of the juiciest, most perfectly marbled beef that has ever been set before you.

So yes, something DiCaprio might dine on — if he ever wins the Best Actor Oscar.

The sounds you'll make while eating this masterpiece might suggest hanky-panky at your table. Especially since you were smart enough to reserve one of the cabana booths and you've got the curtains closed.

Go ahead, let them wonder.

They'll understand when their steak arrives.

Urban Daddy - "Steak My Day - Meet Nob Hill's Massive New Steakhouse"

Osso Steakhouse BarListen, we’re not here to waste your time.

So here goes...

Steak. Martinis. Mahogany. Stilettos. Leather. You.

Sound the trumpets for Osso Steakhouse, a splashy new sanctuary of beef-related excellence and all the caviar, vodka and potentially surreptitious courtship that goes along with it, taking reservations now for next Friday’s opening.

Congratulations are in order. It’s not every day this city presents you with a massive art deco Shangri-La filled with brown leather banquettes and marble walls and dry-aged porterhouses the size of babies.

Closing some type of deal over portobello mushroom steaks and a bottle of Groth cab: sure, you could do that here. In fact, you should. But come back at night. Bring someone tall who knows what to do with a cocktail and a little black dress.

Next (and this is important), tell the host to take you directly to a booth. That’s inside of a cabana. Don’t mince words, because what happens next is... exactly that. Looks just like the kind of cabana you’d see at a pool. Except it’s in a steakhouse. Which, convenient.

Shut the curtains. Don’t open them until someone comes by with two petite filets and some sautéed seaweed in soy-butter glaze. Eat this. Enjoy this. Then call upon a round of basil, cucumber or ginger martinis and enjoy those, too.

Then probably shut the curtains again.

SF Eater - "Osso Steakhouse, Deco Glamour on Nob Hill"

The stylish Deco-influenced dining room you see pictured above is Osso Steakhouse, the new project from the indefatigable duo of Jerry and Jennifer Dal Bozzo, who also own The Franciscan, The Stinking Rose, and The Old Clam House. Opening tonight in partnership with Dante Serafini, Osso fills the hole in the Dal Bozzo empire left by Boboquivari's (a.k.a. Bobo's), which former partner Andrea Froncillo took over last year.

The restaurant, situated at the base of the Gramercy Towers in Nob Hill, has been vacant since 2009, when the Californian Bar & Restaurant moved out. "Osso" is Italian for "bone," and executive chef J.C. Becerra specializes in bone-in, dry-aged steaks of all sorts, from a filet mignon to a super-size porterhouse. Given the current cost of beef, the prices are also super-sized (starting at $30 for a petite filet mignon and cresting $130 for that porterhouse). There's also whole Dungeness crab served in a hot iron skillet with garlic sauce ($37), and all the steakhouse standards, from raw oysters to baked potatoes to creamed spinach. See the full menu here.

In keeping with the Gatsby-esque excess, the wine and spirits menu is full of high-end options, including Cristal by the glass ($85) and Pappy van Winkle bourbon. The wine list emphasizes California vintages, with five whites and seven reds by the glass ($9-23). There are also some basic cocktail options, like flavored martinis and margaritas, a Manhattan, mimosas, and a few mocktails.

The sprawling 200-seat space was designed by Jennifer Dal Bozzo, and features black-and-white zigzag floors, tented booths reminiscent of the Stinking Rose's, leather banquettes, etched glass dividers, and lots of period-tasteful neon. There's a private dining room that seats 60, and valet parking; residents of the Gramercy Towers will also eventually be able to get delivery. Hours are daily from 5-10 p.m.

Tablehopper - "This Week's Opening News"

Opening Friday May 3rd is ~OSSO STEAKHOUSE~ in the Gramercy Towers (previously the historic Vanessi’s) on Nob Hill. As noted before on tablehopper, Jerry and Jennifer Dal Bozzo are behind the project (The Franciscan Crab Restaurant, The Stinking Rose, Calzone’s, and the revamped The Old Clam House), partnering with Dante Serafini. The Dal Bozzos and Serafini co-owned Boboquivari’s—the locally loved steakhouse on Lombard Street—along with Andrea Froncillo, who is now the sole owner of Bobo’s. The name of the restaurant means “bone,” which all makes sense when you see the menu specifically highlights four- to six-week dry-aged, bone-in prime beef. The restaurant has a swank, Art Deco-inspired look.

Inside Scoop - "Now Open: Osso Steakhouse"

Osso Steakhouse is slated to open tonight, right on schedule. Tonight is a grand opening shindig of sorts, and tomorrow, the restaurant will open for its normal service. Read up on the background here, but the short version is that it’s a Nob Hill steakhouse from the Dal Bozzo clan, who also own high-volume successes like Calzone’s, Stinking Rose, and so on. Dinner nightly.

Biz Journal - "Notable Openings"

Osso Steakhouse, the newest restaurant from Stinking Rose and Old Clam House owner Dal Bozzo, is welcoming the public in Nob Bill on Friday. With a full 1920’s Art Deco remodel, the interior is a swanky sight to see. (Just picture a zebra-floored bar). The menu, meanwhile, is focused on dry-aged steak and crab. It promises to be “O so good.”

Grub Street - "Reminder: Osso Steakhouse Opens Tonight"

As noted a couple weeks back, Osso Steakhouse, from the Dal Bozzos of Stinking Rose fame, is opening to the public tonight. It's modeled after a restaurant they don't own anymore, Boboquivari's, which chef-partner Andrea Froncillo took full control of last year, and it's in the space at the base of the Gramercy Towers at 1177 California Street which was formerly several things, including The Californian, and long ago, Vanessi's. Check out the menu here, and you can see some photos of the space via Eater — the redesign includes some cool tented booths up at the front, and a black-and-white chevron floor.

Inside Scoop - "Osso Steakhouse bringing a 200-seat steakhouse to Nob Hill"

“It’s well underway,” says Jennifer Dal Bozzo. “It’s going to be a steak restaurant, and the menu will be very similar to Bobo’s. We were running out of room at Bobo’s, so we needed a larger location.”

And a larger location is what they’ll get: Osso Steakhouse will clock in at over 200 seats, about three times the size of Bobo’s on Lombard. The remodel will give the space a 1920s vibe that Dal Bozzo says will be consistent with the building.

Along with a third partner, Dante Serafini, the Dal Bozzos hope to open near the end of the first quarter of 2013."

SF Curbed - "New Steakhouse!"

NOB HILL—Today is opening day for Osso Steakhouse, the glamorous new den of bone-in dry-aged beef from the owners of The Stinking Rose and The Franciscan. We've got photos and the menu.